‘Always follow your dream’

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Brothers who have become singing superstars are backing Childline’s Gala in the Garden to help children get the support they need.

Britain’s Got Talent stars Richard and Adam will be performing at the September 19 event at The Alnwick Garden, as part of the charity’s fund-raiser in aid of Childline Schools Service.

They gave their support to the event because they both went through difficult times growing up.

Speaking to the Gazette ahead of the event, Richard said: “Adam and I didn’t have the easiest time at school, Adam especially.

“I was in a group that people often targeted because they knew we wouldn’t retaliate and Adam had one person he considered a friend that would throw his dinner over the wall and bully him.

“So it wasn’t easy for us and when we saw the Childline situation and what a difference it makes to children and teenagers we thought we had to back it.

“Children often worry about speaking to their parents about problems at school because they think it will make it worse, so the Childline Schools Service will give them the support they need and that is vital.”

Richard said that children shouldn’t be afraid to follow their dreams and reach for the stars.

“You have to realise your dream,” he said.

“I was always scared to sing because of what people might say. But at 15, Adam was going through a really tough time and decided to stand up in front of the whole school and sing. He became so popular because he had such a talent. So I would say to children to follow their dreams – ours came true.”

Richard and Adam’s third album, At the Movies, was released on August 11 and went into the charts at number five.

But despite the Welsh lads’ success they remain down to earth and thankful for everything they have achieved.

Richard added: “Every day I wake up and cross my fingers that our success will last. We’re incredibly lucky, but we know how hard it is to get into doing something you love.”

The pair will be performing at the Childline Gala in the Garden on Friday, September 19, at The Alnwick Garden alongside other entertainment.

A ticket for the Gala in the Garden costs £70 or a table of ten is £700. You can book your tickets by emailing northappeals@nspcc.org.uk or call 0113 218 2732.