Champion in the end

Danny, Champion of the world.'Alnwick Theatre Club''Members of the cast.
Danny, Champion of the world.'Alnwick Theatre Club''Members of the cast.
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Danny the Champion of the World, Alnwick Playhouse, Tuesday, August 16 to Friday, August 19.

DESPITE a slow start, Alnwick Theatre Club still gave it their all in their performance of this Roald Dahl classic.

Set in the 1950s, Danny the Champion of the World tells the story of Danny and his dad who live in a caravan on the side of their filling station and garage.

But their lives are to be shattered when local landowner Victor Hazel comes along wanting to get his hands on their land – the only piece of the area that he doesn’t own.

However, knowing Mr Hazel has a wood full of pheasants, Danny and his dad, who love a spot of poaching, plot a way to get their own back on the old man.

And as Danny concocts the idea to move all the pheasants before Mr Hazel’s prized shoot – where local dignitaries are invited to shoot down the birds – he is crowned the champion of the world.

Alex Clark Thompson did a fantastic job in the lead role as Danny. He showed all sides of the innocent yet courageous youngster and is a star to watch out for.

Oliver Pusey played a great dad and the connection between the pair was well-portrayed.

Tony Neale was a good mean Mr Hazel and Daniel Watkins and Gary Brown were suitably nasty gamekeepers.

For me, the start of the play was a little slow but in the second half the excitement mounted and it picked up, leaving me smiling at the end.

The audience participation was also good and typically the mean men were booed.

All in all a good play which may need a bit of tweaking but fun for all the family.


Cast: Alex Clark Thompson, Oliver Pusey, John Firth, Philippa Mawer, Robin Lewsey, Tony Neale, Daniel Watkins, Gary Brown, Sally Miller, Andrew Nichol, Carol Lawrence, Mary Frater, Carol Hawkins.