True grit grabs draw

Medics III...3 Alnwick II...3

ALNWICK arrived to the match on a sunny day ready for the challenge ahead.

After dominating the first half with great passing and team work results paid off after a great pass from Straker across the goal for Broom to sweep in to the left side of the goal.

Medics then started applying the pressure on to the defence of Leung, Frew and Roberts and were awarded a penalty corner which they put in back of goal, making the scores even.

Alnwick were not put out by this and fought back and with great effort of Gregory, Sparrow, Fairbairn and Pringle in midfield worked the ball to the Medics circle for Lincoln to duly slot into the Medics goal.

Again Medics managed to pull back another penalty corner just before half time resulting in their second goal.

After half time talks Alnwick carried on with the same pressure as the first half Medics managed to get their third goal by drawing the defence and getting into space and slotting the ball into the net.

However, with sheer grit and determination Alnwick didn’t let their heads go down and scored their third goal by good passing up into the circle and making the most of the “advantage” given for the Medics defender kicking the ball in the circle for Lincoln to casually hit the ball into Medics goal.

With the remaining 10 minutes left Alnwick tried to scrape a winning goal but unfortunately with the strong defence of opposition had to make do with a draw.

Alnwick: Chambers, Roberts, Frew, Leung, Gregory, E Fairbairn, Sparrow, S Fairbairn, Pringle, Straker, Lincoln, Broom. Match sponsor: John Bull Letter Draw.