Seconds book place in semis

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Alnwick II...3 Newcastle IV...1

Plate Quarter-final

ALNWICK Seconds faced Newcastle IV for their final match of 2011.

The first half began more like a game of ping-pong, both sides tending to drift into the centre of the field.

Newcastle grabbed a chance to get an early goal (0-1).

Alnwick’s defence of Roberts, Taylor and Gregory built a strong back-line from then and Newcastle could not break through.

Alnwick had the majority of play, Lincoln took chances with her fancy stick work but their keeper remained constant, even with Alnwick taking the rebound shots.

Alnwick soon changed their tactics and stepped up their game, getting a number of short-corners, but Dawson just couldn’t connect with them.

Fornea played another short-corner to Dawson, who slipped it to Lincoln, and she showed Dawson how to score (1-1).

Alnwick carried on their strong play from the start of the second-half.

Straker making a break, crossing to McMeekin, who rolled out to Broom who set it up for Dawson to fire the ball like a bullet into the back of the net (2-1).

Brown picked up a ball out wide and took the ball into the D, winning a short corner for Dawson to get her second putting Alnwick further ahead (3-1).

As usual Alnwick continued to get stronger in the final 10 minutes and kept putting Newcastle under pressure, resulting in a win and taking them through to the semi-final.

Alnwick: L Taylor, S Roberts, L Taylor, J Gergory, S Fairbairn, J Fornea, J Broom, L Brown S Dawson, J McMeekin, A Lincoln, E Straker, M Waite.Player-of-the-match: S Dawson, L Taylor, S Fairbairn.

l The first team’s match was postponed due to a frozen pitch.