Over-50s struggle to keep pace with Rock youngsters

Rock Cricket Club

With England having secured the Ashes at Chester-le-Street the previous week, all eyes turned to Rock Cricket Club for the annual match between Rock and the over 50s from the villages of Rennington and Rock.

In much-changed teams since last year, the over 50s were boosted by Rock cricketer David Gray passing 50 and Mark Dean, landlord of the village pub, The Horseshoes.

Rock Cricket Club, through their coaching and excellent youth policy, put out a combination of youth and experience and in some cases both.

The over 50s won the toss and decided to field. They served up a mixture of wides, long-hops and half-volleys and the occasional good ball that was promptly despatched to the boundary.

So good was the batting of the youths that several carried their bat and had to retire at 20 runs. Rock made just over 100. A splendid tea was provided by the wags of the over 50s.

Time for the over 50s to chase down that total in front of an increasingly mellow crowd. To assist with the batting, the bowlers came in off a limited run, but few of the batters could make an impact and the over 50s were well beaten by more than 50 runs.

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