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Alnwick II...1 Newcastle III...1

THERE was to be no rest day for Alnwick with their second home match of the weekend.

Throughout the first half, Alnwick showed great team work and determination.

Newcastle fought back hard but Alnwick continued to use space and support and pushed up, putting pressure on their defence.

From a second short-corner, Dawson pushed out to Sparrow, who slipped it left to Lincoln, where she strongly hit it in the goal, putting Alnwick ahead.

Newcastle had some runs towards goal but each time they were stopped by some excellent defending by Gregory and brave one-on-ones from Graham, whose super quick reactions in goal kept Alnwick in the lead at half-time.

The second half remained very even until Newcastle were awarded a short-corner, which they took advantage of, taking a strike from the edge of the circle to even the score.

Alnwick briefly lost their fighting spirit, but after a quick team talk in an injury break they were back to full strength and had some good play but just couldn’t get another goal and the game finished a draw.

Alnwick: T Graham, H Gregory, C Frew, E Young, C Nixon, H Sparrow, S Fairbairn, J Broom, A Lincoln, S Dawson, E Straker, R Telford, K Leung. Player-of-the-match: T Graham. Opposition player-of-the-match: C Frew. Match sponsor: R Manners & Sons.