Fishing to win Big ’Un

In total 114 seniors and seven juniors took part to win the Big ‘Un trophy.

34 weighed-in, 20 cod, seven coalies, and 31 flounder for a total weight of 82lb 6¾ oz. Winner – C France (cod),4lb 11½oz. Results: A Grief (heaviest bag)2 cod, 6lb 3¾ oz; S Williams,2 cod,5lb 13½oz; R Carr, 2 cod, 5lb 1¾oz; M McIntyre, 2 cod, 4lb 12¾oz; P Westmorland, cod 2 coalies, 4lb 4½oz; L Weller, 5 flounder, 4lb 4½oz; AWhellans, 5 flounder, 4lb 1½oz; AO’Neill, cod 3lb 5½oz; M Burke, cod, 3lb 4oz; S Robinson, cod, 3lb 3oz; B Laws cod, 2lb 14oz; G Golightly cod, 2lb 10oz; D Thompson, cod 2lb 8oz.