Alnwick slip to six-shooters

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Rotherham I...6 Alnwick I...0

AFTER a long journey down and headaches from the bad smell at the service station, Alnwick couldn’t wait to get out onto the pitch, stretch their legs and begin the winning streak that everyone had hoped for in the new year.

The team started well with all of the possession in the early stages of the first half. Great link-play between the defence and midfield led to lots of space being created and chances for the front-line.

Unfortunately, Alnwick couldn’t make the most of the pressure and regretfully didn’t convert. The first goal was unlucky as a controversial penalty-corner was given against the defence and converted by a cruel deflection.

Alnwick fought back strongly and were regaining a lot of their earlier form until a skilled opponent individually doubled Rotherham’s lead.

Due to some questionable umpiring, Alnwick conceded just before half-time and they knew they needed to graft in the second half.

After the break, Alnwick began stringing some lovely passes together, again creating chances, though dishearteningly, some strange decisions prevented the team getting the goal they deserved.

The team’s confidence dipped slightly due to some loud home fans and subsequently they were pushed back further and further into their own half. Another three goals were scored by Rotherham to put the game to bed.

The substantial loss was undeserved and Alnwick hope to forget the scoreline and punish their next opposition.

Alnwick: T Graham, N Richardson, R Allen, S Horn, E Brown, J Oates, U Stink, A Cook, K Leung, R Hopkins, S Dawson, C Britton, R Murray. Player-of-the-match: A Cook. Match sponsor: R Manners & Sons.