Alnmouth (Foxton) back on top after a thumping derby victory

Kaims Country Park North Northumberland League

With Dunstanburgh the odd team out on the night, Alnmouth (Foxton) regained top spot in the A Division with an 11-1 win over the club’s B side after last week’s round of matches.

The lead also changed hands in B Division with Goswick going three points clear of Linden Hall following an 11-1 victory at Percy Wood.



Alnmouth B 1 Alnmouth A 11

B Keenan lost to Jake Storey 6 and 4; S Taylor halved with J Eggleston; B Lawn lost to H Sutherland 6 and 5; D Weddell lost to L Sutherland 1down; D Appleby lost to A Tate 2 and 1; MJ Campbell lost to J Hood 7 and 6.

Bamburgh 7 Goswick A 5

P Sanderson beat I Martin 5 and 4; M Dawson beat A Potts 5 and 4; A Mackay lost to M Wilson 2down; J Porteous lost to S Younger 3 and 2; A Smith halved with A Terras; R Lumsden beat A Todd 1up.

Alnwick 5 Seahouses 7

G Ridley lost to SJ Priestley 4 and 3; W Belisle beat D Hornsby 3 and 2; J Henderson lost to J Hogg 1down; D Harrison lost to S Olver 5 and 4; S Cooper beat K Wright 1up; D Swordy halved with J Clements.


Warkworth 10 Longhirst Hall 2

R Young beat K Hepple 4 and 3; G Henderson beat M Sanderson 2 and 1; S Glass beat T Robinson 6 and 5; M Graham beat N Harrison 2 and 1; S White beat M Glass 3 and 2; I Common lost to D Halliday 3 and 2.

Linden Hall 9 Burgham Park 3

N Rushworth beat G Hewitt 7 and 6; S Hornsby beat A Wilson 5 and 3; S Johnstone beat P Barnett 2up; L Reeves lost to C Mackenzie 1down; L Cochrane beat G Waterston 1up; P Cochrane halved with K Hill.

Wooler 9 Alnmouth Village 3

C Ayre halved with RI Campbell; S Lowrey beat N Holden 4 and 3; P Routledge beat S McKee 4 and 3; B Tait halved with N Davison; L Johnson halved with B Barrett; J Bissett beat W Stephenson 2 and 1.

Percy Wood 1 Goswick B 11

J Jobson lost to S Wilson 1down; J Nicholls lost to A Paton 3 and 2; J Taylor halved with K Turnbull; G Taylor lost to M Jones 3 and 2; T Donnelly lost to D Chidley 1down; V Cox lost to D Brigham 1down.

Rothbury 2 Magdalene Fields A 10

M Arkle lost to P Richardson 4 and 3; C White halved with M Eden; A Richardson halved with S Young; C Chapman lost to K Atkinson 4 and 3; D Wood lost to A Marshall 5 and 4; M Clements lost to S Jackson 1down.

Magdalene Fields B 9 Dunstanburgh B 3

N McLachlan lost to A McGrady 3 and 2; N Deary beat I Murdie 7 and 6; B Fairley beat S Mullin 3 and 2; C Nichol halved with G Mallaburn; P Purvis beat D Williams 3 and 1; M Colven beat S Leet 2 and 1.