With leaders like these, who needs enemies?

THE events of the past few days which have taken place in other parts of the country leave decent people recoiling in horror, making us appreciate how fortunate we are to be living in the relatively safe area of Northumberland.

Politicians are quick and right to condemn this wanton destruction and violence, but have they really thought it out?

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced what David Cameron says is right: we are a sick society. The only trouble is that it isn’t only the immature ‘hoodies’ and the anarchy created by them that we should fight back against.

Can I make some comparisons?

l There is safety in numbers; that’s why they operate in gangs to rob shops and evade the law.

That’s also why hundreds of politicians lied to claim unauthorised expenses from the public purse then tried to prevent the public from gaining knowledge of their actions. It’s also a question of degree; the gangs are stealing alcohol, mobile phones and television sets while the MPs claim for duck houses and second homes.

l The yobs burned homes and businesses making many people homeless and jobless. The banks have made millions of people worldwide homeless and forced thousands of businesses to close making more millions unemployed.

The yobs are treating the public with disdain; so are the bankers, they’re still shovelling billions into their pockets at public expense.

l The yobs are using today’s technology such as mobiles and computers to organise their criminal activities. Media groups and police are alleged to have hacked into people’s phones and computers for the same reason.

Does it surprise anyone how many similarities there are throughout society?

Rodney Burge

Ladbroke Street