Wind turbine distance is far from adequate

I was dismayed to read that the Core Stratagem document may propose that the separation distance between wind turbines and homes should be a minimum six times the height of the turbine.

Anyone who has studied the abundant documentation relating to this matter will probably agree with me that the proposed distance is far from adequate.

There are numerous recorded examples of people throughout the world suffering ill health and sometimes abandoning their homes where the separation distance is much greater than that suggested.

The Davis family in Lincolnshire complained of ill health and abandoned their home when the separation distance was 850 metres.

A subsequent court case was halted by the energy company which paid off and gagged the Davises prior to their technical evidence being submitted.

To date no official research has been carried out on the effect infra sound (low frequency inaudible sound) created by wind turbines has on human beings and the warnings given by the French medical academy, medical practitioners, acousticians and private researchers have been totally ignored.

Scotland has a 2,000metre separation distance and some English counties have stipulated distance greater than that proposed.

By opting for such low distance, the compliers of the stratagem are signalling, perhaps intentionally, that Northumberland remains a soft touch for windfarm developers.

I would also like to say that wind energy is definitely not reliable and probably not green.

In addition, it is subsidised to an extraordinary high level.

I have no doubt that the wind energy programme will eventually be regarded as a total financial disaster.

Keith Tarn

Abshields Cottage