Why are we hated?

WHY is Arts Council England so against The Playhouse?

Are they jealous of its success?

Is it that they hate Alnwick, and its immediate surrounding area?

Why have both the Queen’s Hall in Hexham, and The Maltings in Berwick, received such big increases especially during a time of supposed cuts?

This is akin to the country being £1trillion in debt, Cameron making this country defenceless yet still able to find thousands of pounds to send to the poor of Africa and India, which doesn’t get to its intended target.

This is not even a very uneven playing field. It’s as if Alnwick has been heavily shoved off altogether.

Incidentally, Alnwick also has the fast-disintigrating Duchess School buildings, about which, many promises are made by members of every political party and still, of course, nothing is done.

Why is Alnwick so hated?

One more question. Has anyone from the Arts Council ever visited The Playhouse?

Sheena Campbell