Who is the complainant?

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We read with concern your recent report about a resident’s complaints to Rothbury Parish Council (More than 100 complaints from resident, December 19).

If there is any substance to these complaints, then local residents need to know about them. The proper conduct of the democratic process demands no less.

Why has the complainant made neither the details of the complaints nor his or her identity public?

And why are you, Northumberland Gazette, an independent local investigative source, unable or unwilling to tell us more? Is this a private and vexatious vendetta that cannot stand the glare of daylight being cast upon it? Is it all subjudice?

We start from a position of faith in our local parish councillors. They are elected democratically.

They receive no financial reward for the time they willingly give on our behalf.

They all appear totally committed to caring for the local community to the best of their ability.

There are numerous difficult and deserving local issues for them to spend their time on.

We would greatly resent their time being taken up with unnecessary defensive manoeuvring. They have our strong support.

So come on, complainant, emerge from the shadows. Tell us who you are and what your concerns are.

Alternatively, please stop diverting the energies of our Parish Council away from their duties and start supporting them in their difficult task.

John Lewis,

Clive Wilkinson,


Editor’s comment: The person in question has never been referred to by name in the parish council meetings. All the information that has been given has referred to a member of the public.