What will happen now?

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I’m not sure if your correspondent Ms Wrangham had noticed, but in the last five years Northumberland County Council has had to contend with over £100million in cuts to its budget.

Despite being one of the most sparsely-populated counties, Northumberland now has one of the leanest local authorities in the country.

Despite this, my bins have been collected regularly and efficiently and my local library remains open. Sure Start centres are still supporting families with young children, and the street lights are still on.

Yes, our roads do need to be improved but they did not deteriorate overnight - the backlog of repairs is the result of decades of underinvestment and neglect.

That the Lib Dems filled 34,000 potholes last year and the roads are still in this sort of state tells you all you need to know.

It will be interesting to see whether Labour invest the £6million extra the Lib Dems had earmarked in February’s budget for our road network, or whether they will withhold it and point the finger at central government or the previous Lib Dem administration.

I do worry about what is going to happen to our roads, our services and our county now that the Labour Party is back in control at County Hall.

Rural areas have different needs to urban ones and require different solutions but the Labour Party has no councillors in the north of Northumberland and therefore has no incentive to invest in and improve our part of the world.

Ms Wrangham thinks the Liberal Democrats favoured the south east of the county during their time as a minority administration - when decisions had to have at least the tacit support of Labour and/or Conservative councillors to get them through.

I disagree with her analysis - and I fear that over the next few years our local councillors will have to fight extremely hard against Labour or we will see what favouring the south east could really look like for us here in the north of the county.

Dr Clare Mills,

(Liberal Democrat),

The Dunterns,