What has happened to this popular footpath?

Over the past few weeks, someone has closed off the footpath from High Hauxley to Charles Road, Amble.

The field has then been subsequently ploughed and a sign put up saying ‘permissive footpath closed’.

Coincidently, building work on new houses nearby, at the end of Charles Road, has started.

I am unsure whether the farmer has gone off his own bat with this or maybe it is in partnership with the building firm concerned?

I, for one, have been using this footpath for 28 years (unobstructed may I add) with no problems at all.

I know for a fact many other residents from Amble, Low and High Hauxley and other areas have been using this footpath as well for even longer than what I have.

At the moment, residents are being forced along the public footpath next to the sewerage works and more often than not breathing in raw sewage in the process.

From a health and safety point of view, walking past a sewerage works and breathing in raw sewage then crossing a main road is completely unacceptable.

The previous route was much safer, especially for children, as it was away from the sewerage works and there were no busy roads to cross.

It seems very coincidental that, once the building works have started, this has happened.

Is this a sign of things to come in the Amble area?

If the farmer, councillors or developers would like to reply to my comments, please feel free.

In the meantime, I will be trying my best going through the correct channels at Northumberland County Council to ensure this footpath is not only reinstated but officially recognised as a public footpath for all residents of Amble, Hauxley and the surrounding areas, as well as visitors, to continue to use in the future.

William Griffiths,

Links Avenue,