We’re not paramedics

THANKS for publishing the article on December 8, in the Northumberland Gazette, concerning the 1000th call and a cash donation to Seahouses First Responders.

Such coverage can be very helpful, as most of what we do is strictly controlled by patient confidentiality (NE Ambulance policy and protocols), and cannot be published.

Sadly in the first line, we were described as ‘volunteer paramedics’.

We are most certainly not and never can be paramedics.

It takes many years to train a paramedic, who are very much highly qualified health care professionals. To liken our team to paramedics is likely to seriously upset the qualified paramedics with whom we work. It has taken many years to build up the excellent working relationship we now enjoy, and I am deeply concerned that this article’s unfortunate turn of phrase may have undone some of that work, giving the impression that we are trying to pass ourselves off as paramedics, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Ian Clayton,

Seahouses First Responder Co-ordinator