We have needs too

i have just been told that one of our county council servants, to whom we pay large salaries, has said that people choose to live in the remote areas, so they can afford to get services themselves and not expect county to provide.

Don’t these people who live in south east Northumberland understand that farmers and their workers have to live in the rural places because that is where their work is.

Not all farmers have anything like the average pay or income and they cannot choose to move because they are held in these areas.

I have come across this sort of envy before from people in urban places. It is a disgrace to think that rural people don’t need doctors or hospitals or bus services or even the grace of somewhere within their pockets to exist. It has already been shown that rural poverty is enormous and greater than that of the city.

I have been told that as a result of this attitude they are going to close the mobile services from Wooler and Berwick and leave only two mobiles to visit all the north and west.

There are many elderly people here who have no means of getting out and any disabled will be left unserved. Also the workers are going to have to spend higher amounts to get to work because of the greater distances to their centre of work.

These county councillors seem to have forgotten that their MP is the only liberal in the whole county, in the Berwick on Tweed constituency, so I wonder what the election next year will say.

Anne Wrangham,

Harehope Hillend,