Tourism jobs will be lost

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I WAS interested to read the letter from Mr Pooley re development spoiling the natural beauty of the Northumberland coast.

He highlights the trend of development in Seahouses, Beadnell, Embleton, Craster and I would add Amble.

There is always a tension between development and economic growth but as a newcomer to the area (well eight years but not a lifer), I think Northumbrians do not realise what they have and how easily it could be lost.

I was brought up in Kent and in the 40 years since I was a child the build-up of housing, traffic, supermarkets, out-of-town shopping centres and intensive farming have completely changed the nature of the county.

The drive to get more economic activity through building new larger more intensive farms (as mentioned by Mr Pooley at Dunstan Steads near Embleton) risks destroying the natural beauty of the area through, noise, pollution and traffic generation.

Ironically rather than creating a handful of new jobs this is more likely to undermine the tourism industry which is in reality the main driving force for prosperity in coastal north Northumberland and jobs will be lost.

Robert Cornall

Dunstan Steads Farmhouse