The best in the region by far

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Your article on the Amble bus service (Gazette, January 16) prompted me to write about the service provided by Travelsure and Arriva.

On Travelsure buses, they help the elderly, the disabled and mothers with pushchairs and the drivers are very nice people and very helpful.

I had to go to Newcastle with Arriva twice recently and the steps were too high.

The driver said he couldn’t lower the step and he said he couldn’t help me up because of health and safety.

There was only one square for a pushchair or wheelchair and so it’s pot luck who gets on.

Arriva is trying to take over the family concern that is Travelsure and we don’t want it.

Travelsure is 100 per cent the best coach operator in the North East and we don’t want Arriva to take over all the routes – we have to use Arriva to go to Newcastle already.

Travelsure is the very best.

Ruth Appleby,

Windsor Gardens, Alnwick