Speak up

THE Lib Dem administration in Morpeth recently rounded on Coun Glen Sanderson for daring to suggest that the county had taken more than its fair share of on-shore windfarms.

Way back in November 2008 Cumbria County Council passed a resolution expressing its ‘grave concerns that the current targets for onshore wind-generated energy ride roughshod over the capacity of our landscapes and seascapes to satisfactorily accommodate further windfarms’.

Cumbria’s environment is a key asset for economic wellbeing. The county council believes that a proliferation of windfarms will undermine efforts to address the county’s economic problems.

Cumbria’s councillors might have been whistling in the wind, but at least they were prepared to stand up and be counted. Two neighbouring authorities, yet what contrasting attitudes!

Are the issues which so concerned Cumbria’s elected representatives all those years ago really any different from those affecting Northumberland now?

Colin Wakeling,

Lough House,

Berrington Lough,