Scrap plans for barmy tax

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RE Northumberland street trading licence (last week’s Gazette letters).

May I suggest that the majority of county council staff, who I have found to be just and fair-minded, get together and rid the council of the numpties like the one who wants to tax traders for travelling more than 20 miles.

If they were to do so, I suggest they would meet all the government cuts and save the rest of us a lot of frustration and time-wasting.

Here’s an idea, why not sack the head of department that came up with the idea and give every street trader who travels more than 20 miles a grant of £100 per week, thereby encouraging better services for rural areas. I am sure the ratepayers would be in pocket as a result of such a move.

Here’s another thought, if by some lunatic error of judgement this rule comes into force, what next – £600 tax and a CRB check for every delivery van in Northumberland?

Come on councillors, do your job, kick this idea to where it belongs along with the bureaucratic twerp that came up with it. And stop trying to fund departments we don’t need by the back door.

DW Elson Photographer LMPA LBIPP,