Puzzle over UKIP candidate

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I was bemused by the article in the Gazette (December 19) talking about UKIP fielding a candidate for the first time in 2015. Michael Weatheritt stood in 2010 for UKIP in Berwick and polled 1,243 votes.

Let us hope that in 2015 those Conservatives who voted UKIP because they want a referendum on Europe will now consider lending their vote to me as their Conservative candidate.

Only a majority Conservative government is committed to and capable of giving the electorate a referendum. Even in coalition with the Lib Dems, who are committed Europhiles and do not think the British people deserve their voice heard on this issue, David Cameron has pushed for a referendum through North East MP James Wharton’s private members bill which is going through the House at the moment.

A vote for UKIP – whoever their candidate may be – will be a vote for a Labour government, which does not want to give voters a voice on this critical issue of the UK’s relationship with the EU.

If you want to share your views with me, please go to www.letnorthumberlandde cide.com and complete our survey. I want a referendum because it’s time our views were heard and acted upon by the next Government.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan,

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Berwick

Editor’s comment: The article was based on information given in an interview with UKIP North East chairman Richard Elvin, which proved to be wrong.