Problem must be better understood

I WOULD be interested to know if anyone has done some research on the reasons why people get caught on the Holy Island causeway?

We should not assume that they are just being reckless idiots - some are non-English speaking foreigners, for example.

Only by understanding what their problem was, can we propose solutions that will work.

Threats of fines, etc, are no use unless people are given the information they need in ways they cannot avoid, notices they can see as they drive along giving the last crossing time that they need to make - notices (multi-lingual) by the car park, notices in the pubs.

Yes, they need updating every day, but it would be worth it. And maybe the publicans can make announcements half an hour before the last crossing time to their customers.

And if you do want to deter the reckless, give them some information about how their insurance company will deal with their claim for a ruined car.

You don’t need fines - that will hit their wallets harder.

Education takes a bit more effort, but it often works better than legislation.

Vic Brown

Bailiffs Cottage

West Thirston