Parking ticket was unfair

I WAS fined by the police last summer just for loading in the Market Place, Alnwick.

I was only there for all of three minutes.

I was upset and pointed out that the notice allowed access for this purpose but was over-ruled by Northumbria Police.

Since I have been told by some of the Freemen of Alnwick, the district and now the county council have no right to make orders over that area, and many of the regular parkers there are Freemen.

As far as I understand no one has a right to allow, or not allow parking on private land.

I personally felt very aggrieved at this action against me last year as I have never parked illegally in my life. I did not park on that occasion and leave the square but entered the Italian shop there and went back to the car straight away with my parcel.

This happened during the Raoul Moat shooting trouble at Rothbury and I felt the police had plenty on their hands at that time.

Freemen have suggested to me that I should re-open the case but a year on seems to me to be too late, so I warn people that picking up or unloading there can be a problem.

Anne Wrangham,

By email