Organisers not to blame for hill incident

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I SHOULD like to respond to the criticism levelled at the organisers of the charity walk in the Cheviot hills on Sunday, August 7.

Firstly as the person who required help from the emergency services, I should like to acknowledge the fantastic support I received from them.

I should also like to thank the organiser of the walk and those around me who provided care and support during the walk.

The organiser and support team were excellent in responding to my situation and in calling for immediate emergency back-up.

I know the organisers made sure there was always someone following up behind the last group of walkers.

In addition there were two identified points where back-up vehicles were located ready to pick up people if needed.

The coverage in the Journal does not, however, truly reflect the day.

To suggest 76 people were lost in the Cheviots is not accurate.

No one was actually lost and the emergency services were called immediately it was clear that I needed help.

I would like to apologise to the emergency services and to the organiser of the event for all the worry and distress caused.

I do hope that the experience of this year does not jeopardise the future of this event and wish it well for the future.

Judith Smart

Old Orchard Lane