Nothing is free

I WAS awoken this morning by a councillor on Radio Four saying if people want to have a school crossing patrol they should pay for it.

There seems to be a belief that all services are free. This misinformation is spread by the media, Members of Parliament and councillors. I have news for you all – nothing in Britain is free.

My rates bill is £40 per week, along with income tax of another £40 per week at least. That is only part of it, as a lot more is paid through PAYE, plus any income from savings has gone through the floor.

For my taxes, I get a bin-empty once a week and the use of roads upon which I have to weave my way to Alnwick through pot holes, some of which are nearly a foot deep.

There has been no gritting since before Christmas on the B1635.

When my husband was dying last year (he had been registered as in need of care the year before and was in need of bathing) they said they had removed him from the books and therefore he would have to be reassessed.

If these services are cut (I know they are already discussing a rate rise), the only people my taxes are supporting are these administrators who have big salaries plus bonuses.

It is time the Northumberland Rate Payers Association was resurrected and rate-payers went on strike.

We formed that association under Lord Ridley in the ’60s and we managed to improve the schools. I am not keen to have my rates providing for the executive without services.

Anne Wrangham

By email