Not the way to solve issues

I am writing in support of recent comments about windfarms, made by the Bishop of Newcastle, the Right Reverend Martin Wharton.

Giant onshore wind factories across Northumberland are emphatically not the way to solve our energy issues and we can decarbonise with effective local solutions like more electric cars, biomass heating for small communities and local solar power.

However, Coun Grant Davey is wide of the mark in his view that the Coalition is to blame for Northumberland being covered in inappropriately-sited giant industrial turbines.

Those windfarms at Middlemoor and Wandylaw were approved, despite all local objections, by the Labour Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change at the time.

Windfarms are a great way of hiking up our energy bills, crippling hard-working families and driving businesses out of Britain – and Labour has supported these eyesores all the way.

We want to deliver a better deal for Northumberland.

Conservatives within the coalition understand that landscape value is vital for the economy of rural counties like ours.

It is Conservatives that are offering planning guidance support to ensure that local people who fight to protect this ancient and unspoiled landscape will have their voices heard.

Besides, we have already met and far exceeded our national targets for wind-energy production.

I hope that the new Labour administration at Northumberland County Council will listen to rural voices and support us in turning away the cash-seeking wind developers who have no long-term interest in Northumberland.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan,

Parliamentary Candidate,

Berwick Conservatives