No offence meant

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I WRITE, on behalf of the churchwardens of St Lawrence’s Church, Warkworth, in response to the letter from the person who was offended by a remark made by Canon Janet Brearley at the Christingle service.

I was at the service and have known Canon Brearley for well over 10 years and I would wish to assure the person that the last thing on her mind would be to slight the people of Amble, indeed, her own daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren live there.

I have never come across, in my years of friendship with her, any of the sort of snobbery which your correspondent felt.

I can understand how offence might have been taken by someone who did not understand the humour, something which all of us have experienced at some time or other.

I can certainly look back on my life and think of things I’ve said which I wish I had phrased differently, however, I am quite certain that, whatever the reason, your correspondent misunderstood Canon Brearley’s intent.

Rob Collin, Churchwarden,

Morwick Mill, Acklington