Nimby award candidate

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I NOTED with interest (Gazette, December 1) Michael Townsend of the Dustanburgh Castle Hotel in Embleton apparently acting as a spokesman for opponents of a proposal to build a cow byre at Dunstan Steads.

He is quoted as claiming ‘the view is going to be blighted’, the proposal represents ‘industrial-scale farming’ and it will ‘damage the tourist product of this area’.

Really! Could this, indeed, be the same Michael Townsend who wrote at the beginning of October to the planners supporting the erection of an industrial-scale, 47-metre-high wind turbine at Brackenside, near Bowsden?

This turbine would produce more than 12 times the electricity needs of the farmer concerned. Subsidy farming is obviously all right, but livestock farming is not!

A 47m-high turbine ‘is clearly of a scale which should sit easily within the landscape’, yet a 6m-high barn, with appropriate landscaping, would ‘blight’ the view!

At 20m, the turbine’s blades alone are more than three times the height of the proposed farm building.

Unlike the turbine blades the building is hardly likely to distract the viewer by spinning round and round, unless there is something I have yet to learn about cows and methane!

Mr Townsend’s guests welcome developments such as a 47m-high turbine, yet would find a cow shed out of place on a working farm in a rural area!

Who is Mr Townsend trying to kid? While his attitude would win no prizes for consistency, he must be a prime candidate for a Nimby award.

Turbines are fine in someone else’s back yard, but don’t put a byre in his!

Colin Wakeling,

Berrington Lough, Berwick