Night-time visions

MY heartfelt thanks to Jen Oliver and Mr PA Humphrey and also to the Northumberland Gazette for helping me to highlight the sleeping paralysis phenomenon that I have been experiencing.

Since my letter appeared in the Gazette, emails have been sent to me from many people who are suffering from similar occurrences.

Some of the incidents are horrific, to say the least.

One woman tells of being attacked by some devil-like creature and taken to what she can only assume to be hell.

Another person was attacked by demons with knives.

There are so many stories from both young and old that vary considerably in their form and intensity.

Thankfully, my experiences are relatively mild compared to some of the frightening tales that many people have endured.

I sometimes hear intimidating voices and I have been forcibly held down on the bed.

A very recent incident involved a mattress, similar in size to the one I sleep on, floating down from the ceiling and then stopping just inches from my face.

It then floated back up to the ceiling and in an instant it just disappeared.

I have also seen thousands of small black dots encased in a cloud of what looked to me like frog spawn.

The cloud fluttered in a light breeze and then hundreds of tadpole-like creatures emerged and wiggled their way throughout the mysterious surrounding medium.

I still hear the gentle snoring and a powerful presence close by.

Somewhat strangely, I find this to be quite relaxing and reassuring and it lulls me to sleep.

Whether these events continue to occur or whether they will just stop remains to be seen.

At this point, I have just learned to live with it and wonder what might happen next.

Ray King,