Need long-term flood solution

Re: proposed housing development in Shilbottle.

I feel that protesting on the grounds of over-development is just swimming against the tide.

To have a surgery and at least some affordable housing is likely to be beneficial to the village, helping to support the school and other amenities.

The proposed development is within the village envelope and has been earmarked for some years. The important exception is the first field next to The Crofts.

This field is a constant source of run-off water contributing to drainage problems.

A condition of any development needs to be subject to a comprehensive new drainage system. You can’t just keep adding bits on without causing problems.

Since living here for the past four years, we have twice had to rely on the fire service to pump out flood water. The June 2012 flood resulted in severe damage and evacuation of property.

We need investment for a long-term solution which surely would be cost effective in the long run. Perhaps this development would provide the opportunity to go ahead.

Eileen Woodward,

Haven Meadows,