My sums are sound and there is a rook problem

Oh dear, according to ‘Name and address supplied’ on July 26, I’m now mischievously misusing statistics.

I’m not. Honest. And we do have a rook problem.

As of June 3, 2012, there were 1,723 people on the voting register for Rothbury. Okay, so only 29 of them have come forward to complain about the rooks and now, since the letter in your paper, eight have come forward wanting them left alone.

But that is a poll and points to the conclusion that, in round figures, 78 per cent want something done and only 22 per cent don’t.

That’s pretty convincing in Local Government terms.

Anyway, not even a retired old bloke like me has got the time to go around asking everyone’s opinion. You’ve got to come to us.

If Name and Address Supplied still doesn’t believe me, please will she and her husband come round for a cup of tea (as with all parish councillors, my address and phone number is freely available) and, before we discuss the in’s and out’s of country living, I’ll show them my maths teaching qualifications from Sunderland University.

Still on the subject of statistics, I wonder how many small market towns the size of Rothbury there are in the UK? I bet you that there are very few of them with rooks living in their High Street! I wonder why?

Finally, if the people of Rothbury don’t like what we are proposing, vote us out of office in May next year. That too is how democracy works.

Mark Gilson