Looking beyond the headlines

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As I am someone who is acquainted with Tony Kell, although I have not spoken to him for more than a year, I have taken some interest in the recent brouhaha involving him and Rothbury Parish Council.

It is interesting to note that the council casts itself as the victim of a vituperative and vengeful individual who embodies an unreasoning and irrational attitude.

If one is to believe the case put forward, Tony Kell’s engagement with the council has been costly in both time and money and has prevented the council from addressing several pressing concerns.

I was intrigued by the response of the council to Tony Kell’s putting himself forward as a candidate. They accused him of imposing an unnecessary cost on the council by calling for an election. Would I be correct in supposing that if Tony Kell had stood unopposed there would have not needed to be an election, thereby avoiding the expense?

Another question that occurs to me is whether Tony Kell’s queries to the council have any substance.

The council has clearly found his intrusions into their peaceful deliberations significantly irritating, but what they have not said is whether he was identifying genuine weaknesses in the council’s procedures.

I do not live within the boundaries of Rothbury and so I have no dog in this fight but it is interesting sometimes to look beyond the headlines and wonder where the truth actually lies.

Brendan Buckley,