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Isn’t it nice to have a lovely smooth new road to travel between Amble and Warkworth.

For so long now it has been full of potholes and rough patches where the tar has been lifting due to the severe winter weather and driving along it was rather uncomfortable.

The council said there was no money available to repair it.

Has anyone wondered why it has now been done?

Well that’s the route that the “Olympic Torch” will be travelling. Funny how they can suddenly find the money now and for something that will only take a few minutes to travel.

I’m not anti-Olympics, but I think they should get their priorities right.

I had a meeting with Northumbria Water last Monday regarding the flooding situation we have in our area and was told that they know there is a problem, but sadly they cannot get the funding which is needed to carry out the work that is required on the drainage system.

Lets hope then that on the day the torch comes through Amble we do not have any flash floods, torrential rain with high tides or an “Act of God” as they like to call it or the Torch may be delayed on its journey.

Mrs Wendy Boyd,

Riverside Park,