Let’s move on together

PLANS to build luxury homes on Beadnell village coastline were rejected at the council meeting held on Wednesday, May 11.

The Save Beadnell Association is convinced that this decision will pave the way not only to safeguarding the future of the harbour in perpetuity but will also provide a basis for protecting and, indeed, enhancing our beautiful village shoreline.

We would like to thank, most sincerely, the Northumberland Gazette for providing a platform for our views over this past year.

Letters to the Editor is a rich tradition held in high esteem and gives lone individuals or groups with a cause, a voice when otherwise they would not be heard. Our regional press has demonstrated that it adheres to and indeed fosters the highest standard of journalistic approach.

Our organisation is also appreciative of the support we have received from local representatives across the political spectrum. This should go a long way in allaying any fears that the Fishermen’s Society may have with regard to the integrity of our intentions.

In our opinion this decision has given much credibility to the overall planning process. In spite of a planning deptartment recommendation to approve this application, the planning committee itself wasn’t convinced by what turned out to be, and what has been all along, a case with no merit or justification.

We thank the committee members for their right and just decision. In future years, when people are enjoying this small but beautiful piece of Northumbrian coastline, it will be due to their shared appreciation of and willingness to protect, this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There has been much ill-feeling and animosity caused by this dispute over the past year. It is time to bring it to an end.

There are only winners with this decision, apart from those who would wish to exploit our coastal land for financial gain.

The Fishermen’s Society now has the backing of the entire village to protect and maintain their harbour in perpetuity. This is in stark contrast to the declared period of only 30 years that would have been forthcoming had property development gone ahead.

This decision means that not only can we place the welfare of the harbour at the centre of priorities but we can also make the most of the associated coastline complete with its rich history and heritage that otherwise would have been lost.

We now have the opportunity to make the most of all that is best about Beadnell and its small but unique areas of coastal land.

The Save Beadnell Association, together with the many thousands of people who have supported us, now wish to place this pool of goodwill and enthusiasm at the disposal of the fishermen and others who are true lovers of Beadnell.

We would therefore welcome a meeting with the Fishermen’s Society in order to discuss how best this can be achieved.

We are earnest and sincere in our intentions to do our utmost for the whole of our village. Given the opportunity and with the co-operation of all interested parties, we can make this coastal settlement a very special place.

Jim Norris,

Save Beadnell Association