Let public have say on wind turbines

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TO date, planning permission has been given for 110 wind turbines to be erected in Northumberland and there are strong indications that as many again are in the pipeline.

The rural areas around Alnwick are threatened by a deluge of applications for wind turbines and damage will soon be caused to our farming and tourism industries.

Visitors will turn their backs on the county and this in turn will lead to high unemployment. It is essential that, as a matter of urgency, residents be asked their views on how many turbines there should be and where they should go.

Conservative county councillors recently proposed a special consultation to draw up a new county-wide policy for the management of wind turbines.

The Lib Dems, with the support of Labour, blocked this request, agreeing to wait for the Local Development Framework to be finalised – a process that was due to be completed two years ago but is still held up in the committee rooms deep in the bowels of County Hall.

Clear guidance on wind turbine development is unlikely ahead of the local elections in May 2013.

I fear that the Lib Dems are planning a legacy of wind-turbine development that will not please voters in rural seats that they currently hold.

It was also disappointing to hear that Coun John Taylor sided with the Lib Dems to block the call for an urgent consultation.

Why is he so worried about democracy and listening to the voices of his electorate?

David Rixon,

By email