Kindness in the carnage

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As a week the International Music Festival was going well in every sense, even the rain did not really put a damper on things, until the Thursday that is.

My boyfriend had been helping and we were just beginning to pack up when the silver car burst into the market.

We were the first stall hit, and I remember thinking that it looked like a deliberate act and being very frightened. Suddenly there was wood and glass everywhere, I felt pain in my legs and my boyfriend was on the ground covered in blood.

Very quickly it seemed, people rallied round. A gentlemen from the forces I well remember, the ladies from the Lunch Box Cafe were also fantastic and of course the paramedics and police. All of these I would really like to thank very much.

We were then taken to hospital leaving the whole business scattered in pieces across the marketplace. However, even in the pouring rain the stall holders, and others, again helped out.

So to everyone who did gather what was left of my business to put in the Town Hall I would also like to send big thanks.

At this stage I am unsure if the Northumbria Sweet Emporium can carry on but without everyone’s efforts it would be a certainty that it could not.

Debbie O’Brien,

The Northumbria Sweet Emporium.