Keeping alive the friendship

The twinning of Alnwick with the town of Voerde in Germany was started many years ago and, although the council in Alnwick does not organise visits any longer, a group of us still keeps the friendship alive.

Many newcomers to the area do not know of its existence so we would be grateful for your help in promoting awareness of the twinning.

In May this year, 14 of us from Alnwick district and beyond travelled to Voerde and spent a very enjoyable week hosted by families there.

From a civic reception on the first day to the traditional Anglo-German evening on the last, we were welcomed, escorted and entertained through various activities.

We dined at an asparagus farm, tried archery and other games at a venue dedicated to an old German folk tale, and spent a day at a magnificent craft fair. (Needless to say there was a lot of wining and dining involved).

Living with a family in a foreign country, even for just a week, is the best way to get to know the people, their language and their customs.

The Friends of Voerde would be delighted to welcome new members to our group.

We meet monthly and hold various social activities around the area and next May, we shall be playing host to our German friends for a week.

Membership is not restricted to people who live in Alnwick; we already stretch from Whitley Bay to Harbottle.

Anyone who would like to join us can find out more from Jennifer Charlton at 01665 579003.

Annette Ord, Secretary,

Friends of Voerde