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IN December, we had a couple of exceptionally heavy falls of snow which eventually brought down the guttering at the back of the house.

The weight of snow and guttering then crashed through the conservatory roof damaging four roof panels in the process and leaving the conservatory waist deep in snow. We were away at the time with little chance of getting back immediately.

Kitson’s (who built the conservatory) were called to a neighbour’s conservatory and, having got the keys to our house from those neighbours, cleared out all the snow and refitted the roof panels leaving the conservatory clean and waterproof. However, this was only a temporary repair.

In order to replace the guttering it could have been necessary to put scaffolding around the conservatory. Instead, Alnwick Paint and Glass worked together with Messrs Kitson’s and arranged to be on site together. When the damaged roof panelling was removed Alnwick Paint and Glass put up their ladders from inside the conservatory and repaired and strengthened the guttering. Kitson’s then completed the permanent repairs to the conservatory roof and guttering.

We now have effective guttering on both roofs and a safe and sound conservatory.

On a cold and miserable wet day the five people involved were unfailingly courteous and helpful and retained their sense of humour throughout. They even left us some of the biscuits.

This kind of helpfulness and co-operation from local companies is a prime example of why we should always ‘Keep It Local’.

J and M Tuckwell,

Farriers Rise,