It’s time to name names

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The residents of the Rothbury Parish Council area are now aware that there are two candidates putting themselves forward for the vacancy on our parish council.

Having read both candidates ‘intentions’, should they be elected, I applaud them, but, as a resident, I have had many years experience in dealing/communicating with the PC and am sure that all of the issues raised by both candidates have been at the forefront of the PC members’ intentions.

However, there is one issue that prevented our PC from giving attention to several matters of importance which the community will remember and that is: ‘More than 100 complaints from resident’ (Gazette report of meeting on December 19, 2013).

The resident concerned in this matter not only hid his identity behind the Data Protection Act, but also prevented the parish council and Northumberland County Council from being ‘transparent’ in their dealings with the public whom they are representing.

(I have correspondence from both parties confirming these facts).

My question to Tony Kell is: Under your promise of transparency, do you know who that member of the public is and if so will you tell the the people of the Rothbury Parish Council area who it is publicly before the election date?

The community of the parish have a right to know as they pay the precept (parish tax).

David Brown MBE,