Hobson’s choice at next election

I’ve really enjoyed the latest issue of the Lib Dem rag, Northumberland Today.

I now know a lot more about Julie Pörksen’s credentials to succeed Sir Alan Beith. She has successfully given birth to two children. She can help sheep do the same. And she does have a nice line in being photographed alongside cute farm animals.

Her views and priorities are, surprisingly, exactly the same as Beith’s. In short, fighting for things which never get delivered and expecting to be praised for it.

Sadly, there is no evidence of Mrs Pörksen ever having held elected office, of ever representing people in the constituency on any issue, or of actually campaigning for anything, except to have more photos of herself in Lib Dem leaflets.

At least we can turn to Anne-Marie Trevelyan with hope. She has pursued several egomaniacal vanity campaigns.

Sadly, the leader of Team Trevelyan has also never held any elected office, so none of us know how she will deal with all the dilemmas of best representing the people who voted for her, and whether she is prepared to defy party discipline.

Should she be elected over Pörksen, my suspicion is that she will follow Sir Alan by bending over backwards for her party leader whenever asked, while telling all of us mugs back at home how hard she is working for us. Truly, 2015 looks like a choice between the lesser of two evils.

Mr A Lane,

Arkle Court,