Fitting tribute to Miss Howlett

MY whole family felt an enormous sense of loss at the recent death of Miss Francis Howlett, 69, from Rothbury, who had been music and piano teacher extraordinaire to our four children over the past 12 years.

Her funeral and the memorial concert last Friday, March 25, confirmed that she had been much-loved as a friend and teacher by many other families and students too.

The musicianship and talent which she nurtured will hopefully live on in her pupils, old and young, and for those of us who were non-musical, the good humour and intellect from our counsellor and confidante should inspire us.

May I say a special thank-you to those that organised it so we could get together to pay our respects, Gillian Singleton and Sue Mavin, in particular. To everyone who performed in the evening, thank you for lifting our spirits.

Miss Howlett leaves a big gap in our lives that will never be filled for many of us. Perhaps the idea that an annual concert should be held in her memory is something we should explore?

Lynn Roxburgh,

Longacre House,