Filling station runs dry again

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What is going wrong with our new service station?

This is the second time to my knowledge that it has been out of fuel for a prolonged period.

When visiting on other previous occasions, many pumps have been out of action (usually the dearer-priced fuel that would I expect would give them greater profit).

On one visit, so many pumps were out of action that they were covered with Spar plastic carrierbags.

What a mess!

Since the opening of the site, the gents’ toilet has been ripped apart, with customers using the staff facilities.

To crown it all, when I suggested to one of the cashiers that all the problems being encountered with the new site must be quite embarrassing, I was told by the cashier: “I could always use the other petrol station in town if I didn’t like it.”

Petrol or no petrol, I think it is proven that the competition has done nothing to produce competitive petrol prices.

We needed one of the two main supermarkets in town for that, but I guess a town the size of Alnwick would not produce the required volume of sales.

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