Fight on for A1 dualling

I was delighted to hear that Berwick’s Lib Dem MP has recently raised the issue of dualling the A1 in Parliament on our behalf.

The Dual the A1 campaign has been flying the flag for this urgently-needed investment for five years.

It is vital to keep making the case to the Department for Transport and the Treasury. We are now at the top of the agenda, thanks to the continuing efforts of the Dual the A1 Campaign’s volunteers and supporters.

Northumberland is waiting for a commitment from the Transport Secretary, who visited us in the spring and heard from our campaign team about the key investment needed.

We have provided safety and economic evidence to Ministers over the last five years but we must continue to do so because it is the economic case which will make the DfT invest in our road.

We will be meeting with the ministerial team and officials in the weeks ahead, so we would welcome comments and experiences from local people and businesses.

It’s the practical examples which make the problem real to ministers 300 miles away in London.

Help us to set out the urgent need for dualling through our survey on

Anne-Marie Trevelyan,

Dual the A1 Campaign Director