Exciting new find on trees

As an avid natural historian, I have been intrigued to notice an entirely new seed pod dropping from our Alnwick trees.

This exciting pod is large, black (usually) and like many exotic species is rather foul smelling. It is tied in a neat bow most of the time (do the birds do this one wonders, or is it simply part of nature’s mystery?), anywhere one walks with one’s dog.

Some pods may be seen dangling from the lower branches of trees and shrubs, perhaps not ripe enough yet to drop, although they smell ripe.

It may be that I am being deceived and the parent tree is not native to Alnwick and the pods are being ingested by birds and spread in droppings.

The bird would have to be quite large to eat and pass such large seeds although an albatross could do the job. I suggest that a scientific name for the seed pods could be canus horribilis squelchie. I have potted up a few specimens in the greenhouse to see what develops . Watch this space!

An Alnwick dog lover

Ayden View, Alnwick