Don’t miss this chance to make a difference

Josh Jarvis
Josh Jarvis

Never again do I want to be in a church packed with young people there to mourn and celebrate the death of their friend.

Young people celebrated the life of Josh Jarvis last Friday in Longhoughton church with ripples of laughter and joy, sorrow and grief.

If you also want to stop the crushing of young lives by HGVs support the See Me Save Me campaign which was formed to obliterate blind spots on HGVs by the use of sensors and cameras.

The campaign has moved on. We have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to change the design of HGV cabs.

There is a vote in the European parliament on March 18, relating to a change in legislation to the length and weight of HGVs.

Please contact your MEPs and ask them to support the change in cab design to facilitate direct vision ie enable drivers to see all round through their windows rather than relying on sensors, mirrors and cameras.

Traditionally, MEPs respond to their own constituents.

Ask your friends and relatives in other areas to contact their MEPs.

Everyone can find the contact addresses for their MEPs at

Help us to help save life by obliterating blind spots and also to help drivers to do their important job more safely.

Heather Cairns,

See Me Save Me campaign,

Ellingham NE67 5EX,