Boorish, crass and inaccurate

I felt impelled to write after reading the letter published ‘Pet owners have little consideration’.

I have never read such risible drivel for many a year.

The person who wrote this drivel (I suspect a man appears to be misogynistic. Perhaps not in touch with reality as most people know it.)

This attack on dogs and their owners is boorish, crass and inaccurate. His obvious bad experiences with dogs has been extrapolated into a theory regarding most dogs and their owners.

There are millions of dogs in this country, bringing, joy, comfort, companionship, love, hope and affection to their owners. To have them derided in such an article is unacceptable.

Ask the visually impaired, ask the troops in Afghanistan, ask the average dog owner or even the royals, what quality is added to their lives by their dogs.

Man does more harm to dogs than the other way around. So can we have some balance and intelligence in the letters published.

This is not the first anti-dog letter your newspaper has printed and to which I have replied.

Can I state the situation again. It is not the dogs, but the owners, it is not the majority but a small minority.

Yet, again, your paper seems to take the side of the minority who cause the problems.

Why do not you as a newspaper establish a campaign against the people whose dogs soil the beach and pathways. Lets make it as un acceptable as smoking is now. Or is this not controversial enough for you.

Max Dowling,

Address supplied