Anyone know the Greys?

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I am currently writing a book about how the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed and the surrounding district were affected before, during and immediately after the First World War.

During my research I have come across many poems written by Thomas Grey, a resident of Tweedmouth.

Many of his poems touch on the mood of the population during the war, and also reflect on the tragedy suffered by many Berwick families.

Thomas Grey had three sons serving during the war.

James Grey served in the Royal Navy, while Arthur Grey and Thomas Grey served in the Army.

I would like to make contact, and if possible meet any descendants of Thomas Grey who may still reside in the Berwick area with the aim of finding out more about his life and what prompted him to become such a prolific poet.

I would be grateful for any assistance your readers can provide and I can be contacted at the address, telephone number, or email address below.

Harry Scott,

2 Robert’s Court, Galashiels,

Scottish Borders, TD1 2BW.

Mob: 07769 847937,