A1 DUALLING: All systems go

Roadworks on the A1 near Newton on The Moor.

Roadworks on the A1 near Newton on The Moor.

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Sitting cheerfully in my chair just before 2014 disappeared, feeling all is well with the world, I heard the letterbox rattle and a leaflet fell on my doormat from the Liberal Democrats.

The back page was entirely devoted to the A1 improvements. To quote: ‘Alan Beith MP has worked more than 40 years improving the A1’.

So with nothing on the television, I decided to do a little research and here are the results. From the end of the Morpeth bypass to the Scottish Border is 49.8 miles. In the past 40 years, 10 miles have been upgraded – a quarter of a mile per year. When the new plans go ahead a further 13 miles will be dualled. This leaves 25 miles of single carriageway to be completed. The message is clear, stick with the Conservatives and make sure the job is finished.