A killer of a question

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RECENTLY I was shocked to see the “Crossbow Cannibal” on television admitting he had killed three women.

I decided to write and ask Sir Alan Beith MP why no debate is taking place to decide on some form of capital punishment for this person, which will at least save us £40,000 per year.

Sir Alan’s reply to my first letter failed to address my concern. It contained seven lines of type which mentioned prison fees of £40,000 and proceeded to say prison is essential to many violent, dangerous and persistent criminals, which was news I was in no need of.

His reply to my second letter once again failed to address my concern regarding this killer, with three paragraphs dealing with various types of murder – probably similar to those who have watched “Midsomer Murders” on television.

This mention to Sir Alan Beith of such a killer clearly made no impression at all.

Is a debate on votes for prisoners more important to politicians than a realistic form of punishment for a killer and so proceed to squander £40,000 on prison fees for an unknown number of years? I rest my case.

Stan Thompson,

Denwick View,

West Acres,